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Wikipedia as a Site of Knowledge Production

The primary audience for Boyd’s essay on students’ use of Wikipedia are teachers who reject the free encyclopedia for lack of credibility. As a starting point, the author uses examples from her experience in encounters with students who share a similar viewpoint with teachers on using Wikipedia for academic purposes....

The Power Concept and Social Protests

The modern political process is saturated with various contradictions. Political participation is seen as the result of rational and relatively individual choice. This is the voluntary activity of individuals articulating personal and group interests in the face of power. Most acute socio-political conflicts arise when the government prefers to work...

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Agency of Enslaved People

Introduction Slavery characterizes one of the most dehumanizing periods in history and has affected the lives of numerous people. When discussing the sorrows of enslaved people, it is crucial to consider their agency and its effects. Although there are several ways to address slave agency, one such way is by...

Civil Unrest, Racial Discrimination, and Injuries Caused by Abuse

Introduction This webinar is aimed at addressing the acute problem of violence in society and civil unrest today. Not only physical but also moral injuries that people receive as a result of abuse cause serious harm to their whole life, and it becomes difficult for them to get out of...

The Issue of Bullying in the Nursing

The relationships between people in the professional field of activity are very multifaceted. They can be both positive and encouraging, as well as take a completely negative character. One of the problems that have arisen in modern society is incivility in the relations of medical personnel. It is characterized by...

Discussion of Nursing in Insert of Catheter

This post aims to educate nurses on patient care following an operative procedure to insert a catheter into a vein or artery of the heart. The primary condition is the horizontal position of the patient, who must lie on his back for several hours. The patient, if necessary, should receive...

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Dispensation Errors During Medication Administration

Medication administration to patients has become the subject of constant criticism over the past years due to continuous errors that have harmed patients and left some with near-death experiences. The medication administration phase has been found to contain several errors that harm the patients. Administration of medicine refers to a...

Evaluation of Care to a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patient

Introduction Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a long-term ailment that makes breathing difficult. COPD is a worldwide public health issue that creates a substantial health burden and mortality (Celli and Wedzicha, 2019). The disease is caused by injury to the air sacs in the lungs, which results in the...

HIV-AIDS: Global Impact in the United States and Brazil

Introduction There are numerous incurable diseases on the planet, and every year, countries and private companies allocate large sums of money to research conducted in order to receive new and effective medication for them. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) are among the main incurable diseases...

Nurse Workload Management and Cost-Efficiency

Nursing is a highly challenging and stressful workplace setting that requires a certain level of mental preparation and stress resistance among future professionals. For this reason, over the past decades, the researchers have come up with a series of tools to assess the stress factors and coping strategies among future...

The Role the Palliative Care in Canada

Introduction Palliative care (PC) is a type of specialized medical care provided to seriously ill patients to relieve and manage symptoms, provide support to patients and their families, and improve their quality of life (QOL). The advancement in medicine and nursing and the use of evidence-based practices influence the role...

The Concern About Obstetrics: Rising Cesarean Rates

The chief of obstetrics at the Lakewood Memorial Hospital became concerned about the C-Section rate at their hospital. It is not unfounded as out of 511 births at the hospital in 2019 179 child deliveries were cesarean. According to Morris (2016), there is an increase in surgical deliveries as pregnant...

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Rheumatoid Arthritis and Its Risk Factors

Candice Hadden is a 21-year-old female experiencing symptoms that suggest her having rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Joint stiffness, tenderness, pain, swelling, fever, and fatigue are symptoms she is experiencing due to her condition. She lacks knowledge about what causes the disorders to make her autoimmune, affecting her overall health. Candice experiences...

Vaccine Hesitancy: Root Causes and Possible Solutions

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic revealed many flaws in humanity, the healthcare system, and the ways that people deal with grief or perceive information. One of the most prominent topics surrounding the discussion is vaccine hesitancy. Despite the wide availability of vaccines from various manufacturers that have now been fully approved...

Low Funding Rates for Lung Cancer Patients

Lung cancer can be considered one the most dangerous types of cancer, which takes the lives of a huge number of the world’s population. Even though this problem has a decreasing trend, the funding per person does not rise. In comparison to such cancers as breast and colon, lung cancer...

Recovery Audit Contractor Demonstration Project

History and Purpose of RAC The history of the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program can be traced back to the year 2003, after Congress passed a bill that mandated the Medicare Trust Funds to reduce widespread wastage of funds. The funds’ wastages were primarily attributed to billing errors, improper payments,...

Medical Social Work: Roles and Responsibilities

Dr. Cabot states that the essence of medical social services is a compassionate analysis of individuals in their homes, including the study of patient’s mental state, and their bodily and mental environment. The roles of a medical social worker change over time to meet the needs of society. However, Cabot’s...

Schizophrenia: Diagnostic and Treatment

Schizophrenia is a mental illness characterized by the disintegration of thought processes and changes in the emotional sphere. The disease affects all spheres of life, and, as a rule, the patient differs significantly from others. Usually, the main reason is a difficult family situation or similar psychological factors, but the...

Hispanic Community Health Profile

The Hispanic/Latino ethnic group in the United States comprises persons of Central American, South American, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexican, or other Spanish origin or culture, regardless of race. The Office of Minority Health (2021) estimates the population of this ethnic community to be about 60 million people. The community makes...

Rationale of Bar Code System for Medication

Introduction The role of technology has dramatically advanced over the past few decades. The capacity to store, distribute, and evaluate health information is inextricably linked to advancements in technology. The utilization of technology and innovation expands provider skills and patient access while also improving the standard of living and saving...

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Neuromuscular System and Motor Performance

The aging process affects the neuromuscular system, neural inputs, and the motor unit. Their effects on motor performance are profound, especially in the aging, and elderly populations. When people become older, their motor unit design and attributes alter, resulting in decreased motor performance, such as reduced maximum, slower contractile velocity,...

Teaching Stress Management in Nursing Practice

Stress occurs when an individual’s body responds to unfavorable or unexpected situations from the internal or external environment. Different types of people are affected by this phenomenon on a regular basis (Lehrer et al., 2021). As a result, every professional nurse should have a profound knowledge of correct stress offsetting...

Conflict and Functionalist Perspectives on Social Class

The conflict perspective is a view in the social sciences that describes inequalities that exist globally in societies. For instance, social, political, or material inequality are some of the issues involved in the conflict perspective. The social conflict is associated with master status in social position. Also, the characteristics of...

Anti-Gay Adoption Controversy

The possibility of adopting children by same-sex couples still generates a massive number of contradictions in society. It can be considered a social problem of an exceptional nature related to sexuality. After years of research, homosexuality and bisexuality were excluded from the list of mental illnesses. The main result was...

What Is Sex?

Sex is a set of mental reactions and actions associated with the manifestation and satisfaction of human sexual desire. Sex and sexuality are somewhat ambiguous terms with different concepts and perceptions in wide circles and scientific frameworks. People often link sex and love, finding them almost identical, but this is...

Public Stigma and Its Causes

Public Stigma The author began the book by addressing the public stigma, which is concerned with the particular assumptions that remain and influence people’s impressions of the mentally ill person’s behavior. Although stigma is the general term for the function, it includes stereotyping, discrimination, social rejection, and shame. It is...

Elder Abuse: Causes of Increased Incidences

The rate of older people being abused by the people they trust has increased in the recent past, especially during the pandemic period. This has resulted from the fact that the population of older persons is large and most of the individuals require close people to take care of them....

Informatics and Recruitment & Retention of Nurses

Impact and Importance of Informatics in Nursing The issue that I have observed during my Practicum Experience was an unplanned downtime of the EHR system that lasted for an hour. As a result, the healthcare staff suddenly lost access to patients’ clinical information. When the downtime occurred, the staff was...

Quality Improvement Initiative: Reducing Falls in Long-Term Care (LTC)

Purpose Older persons constitute a significant part of the population, and their numbers are increasing due to the tendency of population aging. With age, the risk of falls and, accordingly, injury due to physical, sensory, and cognitive changes increases. One-third of people over 65 and a half over 85 falls...

Is Social Media Affecting Teenagers’ Mental Health?

Technological progress caused an increased involvement of technologies such as social media in the daily life of ordinary people and teenagers. However, despite the original positive purpose of social media being a source of communication with friends and family and meeting new people, social media nowadays presents a negative environment,...

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