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Why the 1936 Literary Digest Poll Failed by Squire

Summary of the Reading In his article Why the 1936 Literary Digest Poll Failed, Squire writes that in 1936, Literary Digest published a forecast that predicted the defeat of Franklin D. Roosevelt in that year’s presidential election. The prediction was based on a telephone survey of some 2 million people...

Obamacare: Why Is This Problem Still Unresolved?

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. He is looking forward to reforming the private insurance market and expanding the healthcare range to help lower-income families by signing the document. However, the PPAC act is not working as the public predicted, and it...

Walmart Corporation’s Weak Points and Issues

Walmart is a multinational retail giant corporation that came to success through Sam Walton’s exceptional marketing strategies. The core of Walmart’s management combined proficient discounting techniques, neighborhood store format, impeccable market research, and practical encouragement of initiative workers. Due to these factors, Walmart became one of the biggest American companies...

The Concept of Women’s Rights and Opportunities

Introduction Women are generally considered the specific segment of the world’s population that are vulnerable to external threats and risks, including processes during interpersonal communication. Feminist thinkers of the XVIII century condemned women as being inferior to males in law and educational aspirations. (Wollstonecraft 98). From the historical perspective, the...

The Mergers and Acquisitions Business Strategy Approach: Advantages and Downsides

Introduction Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are effective techniques in corporate finance, and management to maximize wealth. When two firms merge, it helps in financial strength, growth as well as competitive position. Mergers refer to combining two firms with a comparable financial position to establish a single company, even if the...

Childrearing Based on Social Class

Introduction Examining differences in the approaches that representatives of different classes adopt in childrearing helps recognize both positive and negative factors shaping future generations and the relationships between them. In her article, Lareau (2002) singles out several aspects of class-related childrearing that have tangible implications for the development of relationships...

Cannabis Use: Risks of Relapse Assessment

Introduction Assessing and addressing the risks of relapse is a crucial part of substance abuse treatment. According to Javed et al. (2020), relapse prevention is the main therapy challenge since 70-90% of addicts are reported to return to substance use within one year after their discharge from a rehabilitation center....

Strategy Development and Implementation

Organizations face various challenges due to changes in the business environment. Competitors introduce a new line of products and services in the market and utilize innovative ways in operations. Equally, new business regulations and taxes can be presented, and the prices for materials increase. As a result, companies develop ways...

Crossrail’s Risk Management Approach

Executive Summary Project management is a critical skill needed for the attainment of project objectives and timely delivery. It entails proper planning and the ability to mitigate against all risks. Within an organization, a project manager has the responsibility to develop a project plan that project teams follow to achieve...

Dr. George Blair-West’s TED Talk Analysis

The topic of the TED talk chosen for this analysis is related to building happy marriages and avoiding divorce. The speaker is Dr. George Blair-West, a researcher, author of several great books, and doctor specializing in psychiatry. To get the audience’s attention in the introduction, Blair-West (2017) provides an inventory...

First Standard of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics

Introduction The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) provides a Code of Ethics that guides professional social workers to achieve their goals while meeting the demands of their respective clients. The third segment of the code offers standards that are founded on NASW’s values and principles. This discussion revolves around...

Maintaining Effective Teamwork

Introduction At the moment, the entire globe is consumed by fears regarding the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many employees must be isolated, closed, or work remotely as required by the local authorities to minimize the spread of the virus (Wolor et al., 2020). Meanwhile, some organizations function with a...

Traditional Marketing Communication Still

Some years ago, traditional marketing communication was extremely popular for various business organizations. For instance, almost every person from the generation of millennials witnessed radio, newspaper, outdoor, and billboard advertisements. The thing was that traditional advertisement was the only way to promote different products. Nowadays, there are more and more...

The Use of Quality Management Initiatives to Improve Products and Consumer Experience

Abstract The paper investigates, compares, and contrasts two philosophies of quality control, specifically, total quality management (TQM) and six sigma. Although they may seem to be similar, the difference between both the scopes to which they are applicable and the approaches that they utilize is non-negligible. Several automotive companies have...

McNeel’s “Pay for Some Texas Teachers…” Article

Bekah McNeel is a journalist and reporter from Texas, who primarily writes on topics of education, religion, and immigration. The intended audience of this source is the general public, but it might be particularly meant for the teachers interested in the program discussed. This new incentive encourages Texas teachers to...

The Coca-Cola Company: Leaders’ and Managers’ Communication Styles

The implementation of the communication strategy chosen by a company in its daily operations is essential for the overall corporate culture, workplace productivity, security, and developmental potential. The effective communication style of a company’s leadership and management when interacting with multiple stakeholders, including investors, customers, partners, and employees, predetermines successful...

The Sales and Operations Planning Process

Understanding the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process is central to building a company and running it successfully. Allowing to represent the crucial parts of company performance as elements of a single mechanism, S&OP provides a chance to plan the course of a company’s development effectively based on the information...

Should We Legalize Abortion in the Philippines?

The topic of abortion has been quite contentious, leading to multiple arguments and encouraging the expression of polarizing opinions. In the sociocultural context of the Philippines, the problem of access to abortion services has been particularly poignant (Guillaume et al., 2018; De Leon & Jintalan, 2018). Since the ability to...

The Novel “1984” by George Orwell

The institution of relations in Oceania is one of the most dangerous enemies of totalitarian power, which recognizes the unification of people only around the state and the Leader. Winston Smith is the protagonist of the work, whose life changed drastically after a chance encounter with Julia, which was a...

Discussion of Death and Afterlife

Coping with the death of a loved one comes with several questions on the connection between life and death and if there is life after death. In society and with different religions, there are several controversies on death and the afterlife. Every individual has their perspective of death and the...

Black Men and Perseverance Poems

The common topic of chosen poems is perseverance. Despite the social, economic, political, and other challenges, black men continued to persevere, to fight for their lives and their rights, even if sometimes unsuccessful. I believe these poems highlight the inner strength of black men through history and now, living through...

Poverty and Food Insecurity Among African Americans

In modern society, the problem of persistent poverty among African Americans is a reason for several issues including health and food insecurities. While the younger generation finds themselves asking for the core reason of current low levels of income among African Americans, the primary reason lies within historical systematic obstacles...

Female Marginalization in Trifles by Susan Glaspell

Female murderers who transcend their roles as good mothers and submissive girlfriends have lately become an enticing theme in American culture. Gone Girl, The Handmaiden, and Suspiria are just a few movies about women avenging themselves on a patriarchal society that systematically dehumanizes them. Trifles is a one-act play by...

Providing Culturally Competent Career Development Interventions

The social cognitive career theory (SCCT) introduced by Lent, Brown, and Hackett focuses on people’s career-related interests and choices. According to Niles and Harris-Bowlsbey (2017), the founders of the SCCT model posited that people have varied career-related interests and undertake personalized and flexible career choices to attain career triumph and...

Munro’s “Boys and Girls” and Updike’s “A&P” Stories

Boys and Girls depicts how men and women were treated unequally in the 20th century. The main character is a girl who describes her childhood in a strict traditional family. A&P introduces a short story of a 19-year-old man working at the store and his encounter of conflict between modern...

The Epistolary Form of Lady Susan by Jane Austen

Since ancient times, people have written letters to communicate with each other, reveal their feelings and thoughts, and build social and emotional ties. Letters served as the main form of communication until the invention of telephones and virtual communication. For this reason, the epistolary form of writing was a well-known...

“The Mortal Immortal” by Shelley

Shelley presents the feminine principle as a once beautiful body, which is doomed to wither and oblivion. While a woman is generally accepted as a symbol of beauty and youth, Shelley portrays Bertha as a “mincing, simpering, jealous old woman” (Shelley). Winzy’s image contains an intellectual, spiritual component as love...

Othello’s Leadership: Strengths and Weaknesses

Introduction Compositionally, William Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello is considered his best work. The action is structured, cause-and-effect relationships are logical, and events are consistent. This is a real tragedy of the writer, excluding the presence of a magical element and describing the real world. The characters of the heroes are authentic...

Verbal & Nonverbal Communication and Listening

Verbal and nonverbal behaviors are an integral part of human interaction. For this assignment, I have chosen to teach my friend several types of these communication components: vocal behaviors, facial expressions, and gestures. After we discussed each of these types, my friend shared his perception of some of the tendencies...

Goethe’s Theme and Romanticism in “Faust”

Margaret is a typical representative of young and charming but very unhappy girls who, by fate, were brought up in a cruel burgher environment. Faust and Margaret’s love, which began so suddenly and happily, then undergoes many tragic moments. After a series of misfortunes and her lover’s departure, Margaret knew...