Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most burning inquiries about EduRaven database on this page. Chances are that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

All of the content on the EduRaven website, believe it or not, was produced by actual students and then willingly submitted to us. Our staff contacts students in high school, college, and university to see if they are ready to contribute their work. We also have a special page where anyone can share essays.

No, our team of editors goes through a quality control process to make sure that the submissions are up to par. They are mostly looking for grammar, factual, and stylistic mistakes. They also ensure that the correct citation style is used.

Reading samples of scholarly works, first and foremost, can be a fantastic source of inspiration. You can also study them to learn new things about a particular subject. Aside from that, every example comes with a list of works cited, which you can utilize to conduct research for your paper. Finally, the papers can be used as a source of information (and you can use a citation tool at the bottom of every sample page for more convenient referencing).

Sure, we only distribute whole papers. There’s no incentive to publish snippets because we don’t benefit in any way from sharing essay examples. Our database’s works are intended to be utilized for research, which is only possible if they’re available in full.

Again, there’s no need for us to charge our users for access to the database. We would be defeating the objective of developing a free learning resource if we did so. We wish to assist anyone who’s facing academic difficulties without them having to cheat. As a result, all of our content is available for free.

It all started with essays. When it became evident that academic papers are more than just essays, we began to include any written works as long as they were valuable and interesting. There are now numerous types of papers available, ranging from reviews and analyses to case studies, reports, and dissertations.

Certainly not. We at EduRaven, are adamantly opposed to cheating and other forms of academic dishonesty. We feel that writing papers is a highly helpful task that provides students with a variety of important skills and knowledge. Simultaneously, it’s evident that some pupils find it easier to produce high-quality writing than others. Our examples are intended to provide inspiration, information, and serve as a reference source. Creating your own work becomes much easier with their assistance, so there’s no reason to try to pass off a pre-written paper as your own.

Any scholastic challenge might be frustrating, especially if it’s a writing assignment that necessitates a certain amount of inventiveness. There are a lot of ways to handle tricky tasks, including asking friends and family for aid, hiring tutors, or even essay writers. With our database, we provide an option that comes with no additional dangers. You have access to a large library of academic papers that you can use however you want as long as you don’t breach any regulations. Our examples can show you how to use a particular citation style, unearth further information on a topic, serve as a reference source, inspire you, and much more.

We are unable to provide examples upon request because it is impossible to forecast what works will be submitted. However, we already have a quite large range of samples, and we continue to add new content to it on a regular basis. So we recommend stopping by every now and then to see if a paper on a subject that interests you is available.

Yes. Although we first exclusively reached out to students on our own, we quickly recognized that there was no reason to exclude those who were willing to help. On our website, there is a particular page where you can provide a paper. It’s as simple as filling out the form and attaching your file. After that, we’ll review it and add it to the database.

Our database has a large number of academic subjects to choose from. We were able to do so because of the vast amount of content available. Our database contains academic works on engineering, chemistry, and physics that range from basic literature surveys to detailed reports and research.

You can either search for the work by subject or look through the section on each sample’s website page that lists relevant essays.

We intend to continue to add fresh works of all types and on a wide range of topics to the database. We’ll be announcing a handful of changes to the EduRaven website in the near future.

If you’ve donated a paper to our website and no longer want it to be available, you can submit a content removal request. Please visit the DMCA Removal Request page and fill out the form there. We will remove the content when we have looked into your request.