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Strategic intent

Change is a very important aspect of any organization that is success oriented. It is through change that improvements in productivity can easily be noticed in organizations. By virtue of this fact therefore I would like to be an urgent of change in the organization in which I work. This one important thing that I would like to be known for. The change I advocate for should be in the positive way to bring growth and profitability in the organization. I believe that change should be both at individual and organizational levels. I would also like to be known for my influential nature. So as to drive an organization into positive change, as a leader I must be influential to my followers.

This is determined by my strong ideology that has an impact on individuals and the organization at large. My influential nature provides cooperation amongst team members as they work towards achieving common goals for the organization. Being an inspiration to other employees in the organization, I would wish to motivate everyone into taking his or her responsibilities seriously. This is so because for the sake of both personal and organizational development, there is need for commitment and responsibility so as to reach for the best results in the organization. According to Cecil (1970), teamwork is one thing that should be emphasized in leadership roles. As a leader teamwork facilitates close interaction with the other members as we work towards self improvement and organizational productivity. This is why I am ever encouraging my colleagues to take teamwork and team activities seriously.

The success of my team is one thing that drives me into working hard and putting in all the efforts to ensure that I deliver my best in the team. When working with other members, I always like organizing their work. This demonstrates my supportive nature towards others as we work to fulfill our objectives. High quality in my work is an important thing that makes me to wake up early and prepare for work. I believe that each and everyone should be proud of quality work in all the assignments undertaken in the organization. It is high quality that would earn me reputation and make me stick in the memories of all the people who would be inspired by such levels of success. For my work to be used as a good example in the organization, it has to be the best when compared to the rest. Therefore I always try to outdo others as we compete for the various quality achievements in the organization. (Spillane et al 2004)

Being smart at work means that a competitive environment is provided and fairness should be left to prevail. This indicates that I am one individual who believes in fair play at the workplace. Without fairness even if I am ranked as the top performer my colleagues would not be at peace if the platform of competition was not fair to everyone. The confidence that I have in accomplishing all my responsibilities is another important thing that keeps moving me each and every day. The fact that in the past I have achieved tremendous progress, it gives me the necessary confidence to tackle even more challenging situations at the workplace. (Gallos and Heifetz 2008)

Completing assignments or projects in time is one aspect that can be used to describe my character at work. Working extra hours even without compensation is something that I am used to doing to ensure that whatever that I start or initiate is successfully completed. This is the direction I would like all employees to follow so as to uplift the standards of work. My uncompromising nature, though might seem like a weakness to some people, it remains an essential aspect of my leadership style. This is because I can stand for what I believe in no matter what as long as it is meant for the benefit of the majority in the organization. Leadership at times requires being tough and uncompromising especially for people who are lazy around and do not take their work seriously. Being compromised as a leader sometimes can lead to lack of respect and eventual loss of control of the group that is being led. (Rickards, & Moger 2000)

The empathy part of my character is also instrumental in my influence in groups. The fact that I have the ability to pay attention to the emotional demands of my team members shows that I have greater command and I can earn trust form them. It also implies that I can be entrusted with their different needs. I can be in a position to find solutions to some of the emotional problems affecting them unlike other leaders who are not concerned about the emotions of their followers.. (Gallos and Heifetz 2008)

Defining success

Success is a very important aspect of my personal life and for the organization I work for. The achievement of the goals we set forth in the teams in an important indicator of success for the organization. It is from such accomplishments that the organization makes increased profits or increases its market share as a result of the effort of the individuals. At individual level, I can define success in terms of reaching at the desirable ends as planned at the beginning of work. Most individuals feel relieved after completing the tasks that have been assigned to them. Success in individuals can also be viewed in the form of accomplishing tasks and moving to the next level of work in an organization. This can be followed with specific rewards coming from the employer in recognition of the success. As a leader I am filled with joy when I notice that all my team members have completed their tasks with a lot of ease and with no disturbance. This means that their work process was successfully undertaken. When a group achieves the set targets the leader is normally filled with joy for the mission accomplished. This is because leadership in the team is vital and has to be recognized for the good work done.

Success can also be defined in terms of meeting the quality standards in the required time frames. This accomplishment can bring happiness to me as a leader because members can be rewarded or feel relieved after a hard struggle to fulfill the required standards.

In the perspective of other groups or colleagues competing in the same league, it is important that success can be marked by outperforming the others and emerging on top of them. This can be a source of happiness and joy to the leader. (Rickards, & Moger 2000)

The strategies I adopt to achieve success matter a lot. The strategy has to bring out my uniqueness as an individual for instance there is a certain speed through which I accomplish my roles that is different from the other employees. My willingness to be corrected by others or be criticized is also important in the strategy. Through such criticism, I am in a better position to make adjustments on the erred areas and perform better in future. My mistakes matter a lot in my success strategy. The feeling of other people to my work is also of great importance to me as an individual. This is because, it is the other people who are able to notice the difference in my work and performance.

Satisfaction in those who are supposed to evaluate my work is something that I always want to sustain. I higher satisfaction index in the consumers of my work is an indication that they would remain loyal to me. Once their loyalty is ensured and sustained, my success in outperforming others follows. Loyalty of my supporters also means that they can recommend my work to other consumers. This means that I would continue enjoying more success as a result of the loyalty the consumers of my product demonstrate. (Gallos and Heifetz 2008)

In my visibility plan I promise to deliver quality services and work within the specified time frames. This is something that I commit myself to achieve by putting all the necessary measures to ensure that those who are promised of quality are not disappointed. I ensure that I have all the necessary resources and time to guarantee quality as expected by those looking forward to my products. Where mistakes have been committed, it is my responsibility to respond to queries and provide explanations as to why it happened and assure my customers the precautions put in place to ensure that there is no repetition of such unfortunate incidences. In my visibility plan I ensure that mistakes are minimized and poor quality remains isolated from my work. This is important in impacting on the consumers who would therefore continue seeing only the good side of my work other than the negativities. Meeting the expectations of my consumers in terms of quality has always been my priority. This would ensure that there are no complaints to my work especially concerning compromised quality.

Good interpersonal relations are a behavior that I have adopted and which I utilize to win the trust of those who believe in my work. Once I establish good interpersonal relations =, it is easy to influence my followers towards the right direction and achieve higher standards or work in the organization.

Applying empathy is also a strategy that I have adopted in my visibility plan. This means that the emotional aspect of my followers is my great concern and this has enabled me to interact with them and be part of the solution to their emotional problems. This is important in maintaining loyalty in my strategy. Putting all the measures in place, I would have ensured that my competitors do not match my appearance and workability. This will facilitate my success and best performance in the organization. (Gallos and Heifetz 2008)

My personal development plan calls for setting achievable goals within specific time frames. All the tasks at work are all geared towards achieving the set goals. Deviating form the main track towards achieving the set goals is avoided. Detractors or obstacles in the way towards success have to be removed to make the path passable. The achievement of daily goals would signify progress in my work and it can be used to predict success in future. Recommendations and approval form various people at the workplace would also be an indicator that some level of success is being achieved.


Evaluation and assessment is very essential for any success driven strategy. Evaluation is an activity that should be undertaken on short term and long term basis. Evaluation on short term basis would be carried out to determine the number of activities that have been undertaken on a daily basis and how many out of the total have been completed successfully. The number of complaints would also be used to assess the level of attainment of goals in my visibility strategy. At the end of the month, it would be wise to take note of the number of goals achieved and the feedback received from the various members of the working team. Performance appraisal would also be undertaken to ensure that I receive the rating from my colleagues relating to my job performance. Assessment would be a continuous exercise to ensure that a track record of good performance is maintained in my work. This would also be vital in finding loopholes and sealing them as the work towards success in future proceeds. Assessment and evaluation at individual level would help in making the necessary adjustments to better services and work in future. (Gallos and Heifetz 2008)

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