Seven Course Objectives in Education

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The student’s physical, emotional, academic and social well being depends on various influences and environmental factors. Social and emotional well being is integral part of academic success of students. On understanding that it is important to recognize emotions, make sound decisions, behave ethically and responsibly, avoid negative behavior and develop positive relationships, we then find out why it is essential to know how various factors and environment influence the acquisition of these values. The major aspect of environment is exposure to ‘the world’ referring to everything that a student interacts with on her/his daily living. Family values are usually very different from the whole society’s values. The values that considered in social and emotional well being are more different from the general values that the society has to teach students. After noting that issues arise from the content of school, student’s daily life and exposure to media, teachers should be on watch (“Students’ Social and Emotional Development” par 20). This helps the teachers make sure that the working on the challenges is comprehensive and reasonable. Teachers will also avoid moral relativism and will not be oppressive to students.

For one to become a professional educator, she or he should not forget that one of the core values is how to relate the environmental factors and students’ emotional well-being. Professional educators must aim to achieve the education objective that a student must develop wholly, that is spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, morally and socially.

To implement this objective, a teacher needs to interact constantly with students. This will help the teacher to detect the changing behavioral traits in students and put a corrective measure appropriately. The teacher also should update her or himself with the social values that change every day. This will help the educator to step up to the challenges.

Another barrier to learning and improving students’ outcome is being oblivious to students’ health and safety. Health has direct impact on students’ performance. Both physical and mental health problems make the student not do anything substantial in class. Students who have a record of poor health have always under performed. On taking this to account, school leaders and teachers or instructors will come up with diverse ways to improve the health and safety of students in school. This will highly boost their performance. On the other hand, a school environment that is free from violence is vital. Safety is freedom from danger or free from the risk of injury and harm. This gives the students an ample time to keep learning. The students will not live in expectation of any danger, so they are able to engage fully in leaning activities.

Professional educators need to understand this fact very clearly. A teacher is required to take care of the students perfectly. This is to ensure that they are safe and healthy. It will help in preparing the students to competent and ethically upright citizens in their different professions in future. This adds vitality to the professional growth of the teacher too.

To achieve this goal, a teacher needs to be teaching to the students the healthy life skills. This should be right from elementary level to the higher institutions of learning. Apart from special forums, teachers should make use of subjects in the curriculum that teach student skills to keep themselves healthy. Most cases of violence reported in the resent past have been cases where students harm their colleagues. The best way to address this is by teaching the students skills of conflict resolutions. This is promoting social development in both school and class environment. In incorporating life skills the class lessons, teachers teach the students to become temperate always. They also help them to find ways to do so.

The third goal is about excellent nutrition and being free from drug addiction. The importance of teachers having the basic knowledge in this guarantees them of producing students who are healthy and capable of taking care of their future well. It is very important to have balanced diets always. This will ensure students will grow into physically fit individuals. The will not be attacked by nutrient deficiency diseases and they will keep focused to their future. The very overwhelming problem these days is drug addiction. Many young people are indulging in alcohol drinking and smoking among many other forms of drug abuse. Prohibiting drug use and abuse keep students safe from its adverse effects. Students who abuse drugs do so until they compromise their ability to choose whether to use drugs or not (“drug abuse” par 2). The individuals become withdrawn, exhibit strange behavior and communicating with them is difficult. Here, it becomes increasingly difficult to make them keep learning. The knowledge of how to cub this behavior helps teachers to enhance students learning.

On leaning the basic knowledge of good health and drug use and abuse, educators grow more in their profession. They will be able to take care of students in the best way possible. This creates conducive environment for learning. It thus enhances students to acquire knowledge in a best way. The performance of the students at the end of the course will definitely reflect the competence of their teachers.

The best way to ensure students eat properly is teaching them to know what good diet entails. They also need balanced diet while both in school and at home. The teacher should teach them constantly about drug abuse at all levels. This is to ensure that they acquire a positive attitude towards living without using the drugs. The teacher must always interact with them and show them the dangers of drug abuse. Taking students to rehabilitation centers will help them understand the magnitude of troubles that come with drug abuse.

Ethics in any society determine how the people of that society live peaceably with each other. The general peace of a place will enhance its development significantly. Any country that has enjoyed peace and good governance has grown incredibly in many aspects. America is the leading countries in the world in terms of economy. This has its stem on the general peace and good governance it has enjoyed for many years. The main regard goes to the upholding of ethics. For a nation to acquire a general ethical environment, its citizens should be upholding high moral standards. The fountain of all this is school. This is why it is important to teach the students major principles, values and concepts necessary to sustain our society.

One main concept in the general education goal is the social development of a person. If the teacher has the knowledge about ethics and social values, she or he is able to influence the students greatly. This will ensure that the students complete their courses as people who can cope with people wherever they go. If the teacher achieves this, she or he will have professionally done the job.

In school, teachers should get down to individual students. This should start all the way from class to outside class, while carrying out different activities. They are also supposed to show the students the value of sacrifice. This is because it is not always that what you need from other people is what you will get. People must always give up some things for the sake of others especially when its result is for an overall good (“Values Virtues and Sacrifice” par 8). The teachers need to develop mentoring relationships with students. This is with the aim of teaching them the core values that improve our society.

The other important thing is to link with the community in which the school is located. This will give the students access to site-based resources and agencies that offer educational services, social health and language services. This makes learning experience real and relevant. Students interact with all things that they learn in class. This makes them want to learn more to know their world better. The eagerness of student to learn more enhances their overall behavioral transformation. This will be at a good pace. The students will achieve the desired change on time. The students will also appreciate their environment and their community. This comes by understand that the community is very important to them. They see this from what the community does for them as they visit the various places during learning.

The teachers learn a lot during these visits. The things never remain the same, but keep on changing as days go by. These are especially the human activities in various fields of life. The new information helps the teachers to update the content they present to students. Consequently, the students complete their course well prepared to face the challenges in the corporate world. That definitely mirrors the capability of the teacher.

The teachers with the school administration should always plan to have their students go out to learn in the various site-based resources and agencies that offer educational services, social health and language services. During such visits, the teacher should actively engage the students in learning by use of diverse methods, for example questionnaires.

Teachers also need not to forget the students with disabilities. The teacher should give them good care for them to achieve the wholesome goal of education. After the teachers have acquired appropriate instructional methods for them, it becomes possible to prepare them to be valuable citizens. Disabled people suffer stigma in the society. This is because they cannot participate normally in activities that normal people do. Top alleviate this stigmatization, the teacher makes use of the knowledge she or he has to help them. The significance here is that they get high self-esteem. This will help them live on and be productive.

If the teacher has achieved this goal, then her or his professional career has a benefit. Helping the disabled is a technical activity.

In teaching these students, the teacher has to interact with them closely. This will help in getting more information from them (“Disabled Students” par14). During instruction process, the teacher should patient, loving and kind. This will help the students to learn effectively.

It is very important that a teacher understands the role that he or she has in working with the disabled students. The teacher will help in upbringing of the students, as this is a continuation from birth. It also makes the teacher know that education of this handicapped children do not end after school age. It continues through the life span of the individual. Students’ personality is developed. This goes on through their lives (Gabor and Takeshi par 2).

These seven objectives are the core pillars of getting and maintaining high standards of education in any nation. The result is producing citizens who are capable of living objectively in their various environments.


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