Global Warming as a Natural Process

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When the average measured temperature of the Earth goes up that is exactly when Global Warming takes place. This occurs due to various reasons; one of the most significant is the green house effect. This paper will throw light upon Global Warming as a natural process and not from the perspective that the activities of human beings solely lead to Global Warming.

“Although factors other than climate may have intensified the severity of some of the events on the map, scientists predict such problems will increase if emissions of heat-trapping gases are not brought under control.” (Global Warming: Early Warning Signs, 2009)

There is no doubt that human beings are responsible for Global Warming, activities like burning the fossil fuels contribute the maximum towards Global warming but there is another side of the coin. When people talk about Global Warming the first thing which comes to their minds is the activities of the Human Beings, there is no denying that this is very right and understandable but the thing which takes a back seat when this whole issue is discussed is the occurrence of Global Warming due to the natural processes. One big factor which has contributed naturally towards Global Warming is the energy emitted by the Sun. This is very natural and no one can control this. It’s inevitable and very natural; Scientists believe that this has been one of the natural processes which have caused Global Warming. It is believed that its contribution has been very little. The heating and cooling of earth is a very natural process, the only problem is that the human activities are speeding up Global Warming; the activities are not causing it. There is a huge difference between speeding up an activity and causing the activity.

Methane is one of the most harmful gases present in the atmosphere, research goes to prove that over the past 10 years the level of Methane has constantly been on the rise and this is purely natural. No human activity is responsible for it. This is another factor which is contributing towards Global Warming. The presence of Carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere is undeniable and it is very natural, this is one of the biggest reasons for Global Warming. The infrared energy is emitted into the space naturally and this also contributes towards Global Warming. The concentrations of green house gases trap more infrared energy, the heat released results in warming the surface of the earth and this again is very natural and no human activity is responsible for it. The past generations did not have the luxury of automobiles which releases toxic gases and ultimately causes global warming but they still experienced Global warming. The melting of the Glaciers, increase in the sea level, ocean chemistry changes are just some of the instances which prove that Global warming was experienced by our earlier generations too. So this goes to prove that at that time human activities contributed very little to Global Warming but it still occurred, this is a good enough indication that it is a natural process which has to occur, the only problem is that the human activities have lately started contributing extensively towards this natural process. This should be slowed down by taking the suitable measures, it is high time that we realize how important it is to keep a balance and take preventive measures to have the right balance of the Earth’s temperature.

“The ozone layer protects the Earth from the ultraviolet rays sent down by the sun. If the ozone layer is depleted by human action, the effects on the planet could be catastrophic. Ozone is present in the stratosphere. The stratosphere reaches 30 miles above the Earth, and at the very top it contains ozone. The sun’s rays are absorbed by the ozone in the stratosphere and thus do not reach the Earth.” (Ozone Depletion, 2009). The ozone layer is instrumental in protecting the animals as well as the human beings and its depletion has been constantly on the rise which not good news for the human beings. The production of the chlorofluorocarbons is the biggest cause of the depletion of the ozone layer. This chemical is very valuable for the countries which use it and they don’t want to stop the production of this chemical, this can spell danger and can easily disturb the balance of the Earth. The climate of the Earth is constantly getting affected by the depletion of the ozone layer and it is high time to take appropriate measures to deal with the same.

Biggest Contributors to Global Warming

The United States of America is leading the charge for being the biggest contributor to Global Warming, “The world’s countries contribute different amounts of heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere. The table below shows data compiled by the Oak Ridge National Research Laboratory, which estimates carbon emissions from all sources of fossil fuel burning for a maximum period from 1751 to 2004 (or as long as a record is available). Here we list the 20 countries with the highest carbon emissions (data are for 2004).

The Top 20 Carbon Dioxide Emitters
Country Total emissions
(1000 tons of C)
Per capita

Per capita emissions
1. United States 1,650,020 5.61 (9)
2. China (mainland) 1,366,554 1.05 (92)
3. Russian Federation 415,951 2.89 (28)
4. India 366,301 0.34 (129)
5. Japan 343,117 2.69 (33)
6. Germany 220596 2.67 (36)
7. Canada 174,401 5.46 (10)
8. United Kingdom 160,179 2.67 (37)
9. Republic of Korea 127,007 2.64 (39)
10. Italy (including San Marino) 122,726 2.12 (50)
11. Mexico 119,473 1.14 (84)
12. South Africa 119,203 2.68 (34)
13. Iran 118,259 1.76 (63)
14. Indonesia 103,170 0.47 (121)
15. France (including Monaco) 101,927 1.64 (66)
16. Brazil 90,499 0.50 (118)
17. Spain 90,145 2.08 (52)
18. Ukraine 90,020 1.90 (56)
19. Australia 89,125 4.41 (13)
20. Saudi Arabia 84,116 3.71 (18)

(Each Country’s Share of CO2 Emission, 2009)

The developed countries are believed to contribute the biggest towards global Warming, it is very important to understand about the balance which the Earth needs to maintain, the consequences of disturbing the balance are going to be extreme. It is very important to take preventive measures to deal with the same; this especially applies to the twenty countries mentioned in the table.

Weather Risks Posed by Global Warming

Global warming is posing a very big threat to all the businesses across the globe. Global warming will trigger off a series of chain reactions. For instance, it will certainly give rise to the possibilities of volatile weather conditions and in that case all the major businesses will suffer and post annual losses instead of posting profits. The insurance market will be majorly impacted and in addition to this many other sectors will get adversely affected because of global warming. The question is that are the business organizations ready for this drastic change that will negatively impact their earnings? This is a million dollar question and it is very difficult to control the evil effects of global warming but there is every possibility in the world to control global warming and this need to be done in time. It is already high time to take measures to control global warming, failing to do so can have serious repercussions in the future. “The lesson that we can draw out from this recession, is that you can boost demand in the best way possible by focusing on low carbon growth in future,” Stern said, including greater public spending on mass public transport, energy and green technologies.” (Risk of Global Warming, 2009). There is a lot to learn from every adversity and it is high time to reduce the carbon usage all across the globe, this will ensure more stability in the environment and it will also minimize the risks posed by global warming to all the various businesses across the world.

Global warming is being fought by the major economies of the world and it is expected that we would be spending nearly $400-500bn each year fighting with this menace. It is better to take precautionary measures rather than worsening the situation. Global warming is believed to have a very negative impact, some of the negative impacts on business include, the rise in price of the commodities, this will also mean that no incompetent product will be sold in the market. This will have a chain reaction in many countries; people will be out of work and will have no money to fulfill their daily needs. In addition to this, global warming will also cause rapid change in the regulatory value of many products and this will make the economy of various countries unstable and erratic. It would also become almost impossible to produce wine in drought areas. This will significantly damage the revenue earned by the wine industry and by the several people who engage in selling wine. Global warming will pose an extreme weather risk where in no business will be carried out efficiently, even these days if there is a cyclone or a Hurricane, the areas in the vicinity get severely affected and the same prohibits the people to work as efficiently as they can, leading to a lot of financial loss to the individuals as well as to the government and to the economy of the world on the whole. All these factors have to be taken into account and a full proof plan has to be prepared and stuck to in order to tackle this long standing problem of Global warming.

Real Life examples and threats to companies

Global warming poses a very serious threat to almost all the companies all across the globe. “Only six percent of the 510 CEOs and top executives in the nine Bay Area counties surveyed April 11-27, 2007 say the threat is “not at all serious.” (Businesses consider global warming a serious threat, 2009). The top level businessmen firmly believe that global warming is going to have serious repercussions on the quality of life that we will lead at a later stage. For instance, it is believed by several top scientists that the air in the atmosphere will be become so polluted that it will severely affect the elders and the children should global warming continue at the very same pace. Many top executives have reframed several policies in order to ensure that the pace of global warming is reduced. The companies letting out pollution have taken appropriate measure to curtail the same and various proper facilities have been established to deal with the pollution and other factors that instigate global warming. Global warming is expected to cause serious trouble and a very good example of the same is that the cows are expected to produce much less milk than ever before because of global warming, the increased heat is expected to become unbearable and as a result of which the milk produced by the cows will dwindle. Another classic example of the impact of global warming is that the people engaging in fisheries business are going to have a really tough time because the fish in the sea are expected to decrease drastically in number and this will have a bearing on the fisheries business without a shadow of a doubt. These real life examples are good enough to understand the repercussions on business and human life, hence it is very fair to conclude that it is high time to take precautionary measures in order to ensure that the human beings don’t suffer in the future because of global warming.

Drought and its effect on Businessmen

Drought is an obvious possibility posed by global warming and when drought takes place, it will severely affect the people and the businessmen. The prices of almost all the products are ought to shoot up to unprecedented levels and it is ought to make the economy unstable and in tatters. In addition to this, global warming also poses a high risk of rise of the water level in the sea and an apparent Tsunami or Hurricane is very much on the cards. This will also severely affect the business of several people and cause a lot of devastation. If there is a Tsunami or Hurricane, it will wash away property worth millions and many businesses would be washed away. It will cause damage beyond repair and all the people will suffer because of the same. The most severely affected will undoubtedly be the businessmen. “Some of these events may happen over long periods of time, while others could strike suddenly. Any of them will cause economic loss on a wide scale should they come to pass. Next let’s examine five risks that – while not absent from the corporate horizon today – may take on new twists as they become increasingly costly to protect against in a future with unpredictable climate shifts.” (What Can We Expect? 2009). It is high time to keep check on global warming, the writing is on the wall and if we continue to harm the environment the way we are doing now, then we can expect nothing but devastation and the same will severely harm the plans of all businessmen all across the globe.


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