Creative Story “Ken’s Short Escape”

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Ken had always spent the better part of his day surfing the internet and more specifically on numerous daring sites with chat rooms. He was a single child and that found him most of the time lonely being the introvert that he was. He had been brought up single-handedly by her mother who used to work herself to pieces at the nearby county offices to provide a decent life to her 17-year-old son who was soon to join high school.

Meanwhile, Ken had all the time to himself. Spending much of the time alone in the house, he indulged all his lonely times into his virtual world of dating. As time went by, he came to like one particular girl named Susan on a dating site that she wanted really to meet. His naïve mind convinced him that this is the model girl he would love to have for a partner and soon enough Ken was to travel 40 KM away to meet Susan on a date. Funny enough, he had only seen the still photos that they used to exchange on numerous occasions. He had more often than not downloaded all the pictures and mounted them on the walls of his small stuffy bedroom. His mother had noted the beautiful pictures that illuminated the rather dark room and were inwardly proud that her son had an eye for beauty but warned her that it was too early for him to get involved.

Soon, Ken arranged for a secret date with Susan. His mind was preoccupied with Susan and nothing seemed more enticing than the moment he would meet her. Being age mates, Ken knew very well that they had a lot to share save for the developing long-distance chemistry. Equipped with one of her photos, Ken immediately hit the road after her mother had left one early Friday morning. With no better means of travel in the rather rural outskirts, his bicycle was the best thing he had to make it there. The date had been arranged for an afternoon movie on Saturday. Ken thus had to start his journey quite early, Friday afternoon.

Ken knew very well that his mother would not approve of his intentions. By escaping on Friday, he was escaping the unending duties that would be programmed for the weekend. He thus hid in a nearby abandoned house for the night so as he could leave by dawn. All night long he dreamed of Susan and their meeting. He had hoped that with a big impression on this first date, he would score big. He had this meeting all configured out in his mind. He would imagine himself being overwhelmed by love on the mere touch of Susan, feeling the warmth rise from deep down his heart, her eyes twinkling like stars and all the jittery stuff he had heard of love.

Unaware to Ken, Kim his mother had arranged for a surprise trip for them to go shopping the following Saturday morning. So by the time she came home from work in the evening and found the house empty, she was just a little bit surprised that his son had decided to try out something more physical with his bike. Hours passed and the place was soon engulfed in darkness and no Ken. Kim knew so well that Ken had no friends to visit in the neighborhood, thus she was very alarmed. By around eleven at night, she called the police to inform them of her son’s disappearance.

By the crack of dawn, Ken was cycling away as fast as he could from his neighborhood before anyone spotted him. He suspected his mum was already looking for her. By mid-morning Ken was worm off and was waving for rides. Soon enough, a weary man slowed down for him to hop in with his bike. After a few minutes, Ken was where he thought he ought to be. He had to stop somewhere a bit far away from their meeting point to freshen up and hide his bike in the bushes. All spruced up and bouncy, Ken made his way to the park they were to meet. All this time, he had forgotten all about his mum and the worries he had caused her until something happened.

One lanky policeman out of the blues stopped Ken in his tracks and peered closely into his eyes. Ken could not imagine being mistaken for a criminal or anything close to a visitor to police cells. Grabbed by the throat, Ken had to quickly identify himself to the policeman to straighten things up. Wish he had not. After a few questioning, the policeman confirmed to Ken that it was no case of mistaken identity, he was the right person as he had been reported missing.

The policeman could not hear any of Ken’s pleas to let him go and that he would return home by himself, he insisted to have him under observation in the local police block until his mother was contacted and informed. Ken could not hide his disappointment, he wept bitterly. He would miss the dream for date with Susan and he was disappointed that he had caused his mum so much worry and pain.

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